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Reframe Your World View – FOR You

The collective disasters in the world are created by our collective consciousness.  When we choose inner peace and bring our bodies, minds and spirits into a state of calm, we project that onto our outer world.  It starts with you, and me, and everyone including children.  Reframe how you view the world and your world view starts to change and so do your experiences.  Feel peace.  Feel calm.  Feel love.  Feel joy.  Feel gratitude!  Most of all forgive yourself and others.  Forgiveness is usually always in the mix.  Forgiveness is FOR you, not the other person.  You are the one holding that negative energy which blocks positive energy from coming to you.

Since emotions are stored in the body, some form of exercise is essential every day to move the emotions and stress through and out of your body.  This is also true for children.  Make it fun and start to imagine and begin to live the life of your dreams.  I love it when my life turns out better than my dreams!  Don’t you?

Remember to move forward and take inspired action.  It’s a key piece of the puzzle.  Enjoy infinite blessings and success!