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Being the Gift of You

I met a woman in a health store this morning who was looking for natural solutions for lice for her grandchild.  She was also confused about which of the many natural solutions would be most effective.  The store representative with whom she was dealing told her a brief answer that the products were the same.  This was a true statement.  However, the questions she wasn’t asking were implied in her inability to make a decision about which product to purchase.

Being knowledgeable about many natural solutions, I politely chimed in on the differences in the products and things to be mindful of when administering them to her grandchild.  She said that her grandchild goes to an affluent day care; she had never experienced lice before in her entire life and didn’t understand how this could happen.  I explained that socio-economic status made no difference any longer to the bugs and bacteria that are becoming stronger due to all the pesticides and chemicals being used.  This is the world in which we now temporarily reside.  She understood, thanked me and told the store rep to give her the option that was most cost-effective.

For that woman, the health of her grandchild came first and then the money came second.  However, she couldn’t make a decision until she understood the issues at play.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives,

nor the most intelligent that survives.

It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

– Philippe De Clermont

Humans are also experiencing growth and survival challenges as are many species.  That brings me to why it is so important to be who we each came here to be.  Each and every one of us have gifts we must bring forth.  We are here to contribute in some way; first by being true to ourselves.

I believe most of us are born knowing our connection to the Divine and the innate power of that creative force that flows through us and all around us.  I also believe that somewhere along the way in Earth’s history people began to unlearn that connection.  Over time that turned into systems of belief and operating.  We are here to remember who we are divinely.  Being human, with all its potential frailties, is part of the process.

What I have come to realize is that life for many of us follows this pattern:

  • Born knowing and trusting your Divine connection and creative power and gifts. Life is meant to be explored and enjoyed.
  • Then taught by those who were also taught that we are innately flawed and disconnected from the One and only Divine power which is mistakenly believed to be only outside of us. Therefore, who are we to think we have creative power and valuable gifts worth sharing.  Play it safe and stick with past programs.
  • Those who bought into that model live life with fixed and limited beliefs regarding certain things about themselves, their abilities and possibilities.
  • Some with this model of being use fear to stop themselves from being who God created them to be to utilize their gifts to enjoy and better their life which will ultimately benefit others as well.

God made everything and everyone.  Therefore, we are all part of the One as a drop of ocean water is part of the entire ocean.  Modern scientific research has found that our feelings send energy into the wholeness of being.  Therefore, we each contribute to creation of the collective whole with our own feelings.

“The feeling is the prayer.”


God gave us each free will and the ability to focus.  Intuition is your GPS connection to Source energy/God as self.  The breath is your connection to your Soul.

“When you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

One of the tricks in life is learning to tell the difference between fear and intuition.  If you have a fixed belief system about something, it is tougher to distinguish between fear and intuition.  The differences are very subtle and unique to the individual.

You must often unlearn, reframe and let go of habits that stand between your gifts and what you want to achieve in your life.  Peeling the onion so to speak can take lifetimes.  An easier way can be to act as if as actors do.  Decide what you want and keep moving toward it.  Play the part, train for the role of your life, and feel the feelings of having it.  Send that out into the collective and then pay attention to serendipity.

  1. You are the decider in your life. Everything else is an excuse.
  2. Act as if it’s already accomplished (because it already is completed in the mind of God because God places the dreams in your Soul).
  3. Everything that happens once you make that decision has to happen for you to be in a state of receiving it. You must be the person you need to be when the role of you owning it materializes.
  4. Your intuition is your GPS that will take you there in the quickest most grace-filled way.
  5. Focus on the end goal knowing obstacles are just hurdles to make you grow into the role of your life.
  6. Let go of the how and the when. Needing to know those things are part of a fixed and limited pattern of being.  You determine the ultimate destination, but God is driving the limo.  Remember, it’s already created in the mind of God.

Do you or your child need some coaching?  Athletes have a coach because they want to improve their game and win.  The most important game to win is the game of life.

Contact us now to schedule a complimentary coaching session.

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Make 2016 Your Year – Just Do It!

Compass yay-473852

What is on your list to do this year? Did you set a resolution? Did you swear 1, 5 or 10 years ago that you would eat healthfully and work out regularly; write that book; change your career? Make 2016 the year you finally accomplish your thing.

Statistics tell us most people stick with their New Year’s resolutions for about 30 days or less. What statistics neglect to inform is there is always more to the story and you are not a statistic.

Did you know that there is a space between setting the intention and turning to an unsuccessful habit pattern? You must become aware of that space and what triggers you to revert backward. Once you identify the pattern and why you created it, you are free to change your behavior. I can help you.

One of my clients was “trying” to eat healthier and loose excess weight. Her doctor finally gave her a wake-up call. I informed her that I too had once briefly weighed close to what she does. She was shocked since I now range between a size 6 and 8 depending on the stress in my life.

After a little coaching, she told me that chocolate bars are her downfall whenever she is stressed or hungry. She has a very busy life, demanding job, husband and 3 children. She said she likes the feeling of the chocolate.

Dopamine rush aside, I explained to her that there is a space between setting the intention and reaching for the chocolate. I told her to notice what comes up in that space.

She immediately got it. She told me when and why she began that habit.

While the details are too personal to share with you in her very powerful example, I can tell you that her realization was profound. I shared some personal and spiritual perspectives and examples with her to help ease her pain.

I told her she must feel the feelings that come up in that space rather than shove them down. Then she will be free to move forward to create and stick with new habits that support the results she desires.

Food was the vehicle of choice to escape feeling the pain in her life. Your vehicle of choice might be something different.

The toughest thing for humans to move through is change. The irony is that change and growth are the only constants. Wouldn’t you rather consciously steer your ship to your desired destination?

Athletes have a coach because they want to win. The most important game to win is the game of life. If you would like to accelerate your progress, contact me for a consultation.

Make 2016 a fabulous year. You deserve it.

To your success!

Cheryl Healey

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How to Change a Habit

Have you ever heard “neurons that fire together wire together”?  Have you ever given any thought to what that really means; how it happens and how you can rewire them to serve your needs better?

Let’s cover those items one at a time.

1.  Neurons that fire together wire together.

All parts of the nervous system are based on the functions of neurons. Neurons are specialized cells that process information. The human brain has over 100 billion neurons. Neurons that fire together wire together. All nervous systems in all animal species have four basic types of neurons:

  • Sensory neurons: Tell the rest of the brain about the external and internal environment.
  • Motor (and other output) neurons: Motor neurons contract muscles and mediate behavior, and other output neurons stimulate glands and organs.
  • Communication neurons: Transmit signals from one brain area to another.
  • Computation neurons: The majority of neurons in vertebrates are computation neurons. Computation neurons extract and process information coming in from the senses, compare that information to what’s in memory, and use the information to plan and execute behavior.

Neurons Firing Together

The number of possible neuron connections is so large it cannot be counted.  That translates to no neuron connection limits in the human body which is one of the reasons athletes and others can break records and do the seemingly impossible.

2.  How do neurons wire together?

Neurons wire together when you think in a certain way or do an action in a certain way long enough to make it a habit. Every time you think something different or differently, different neurons fire up to make that happen. Every time you do something different or differently, different neurons fire up to make that happen. Being wired together means it becomes an unconscious activity; meaning you think those thoughts or do those things without consciously thinking. Think about brushing your teeth. Is that a habituated action for you? If it is, then neurons have wired together so you can essentially brush your teeth without thinking about it. There are pros and cons to the wiring of neurons.

If it’s a good habit that serves your wellbeing and frees up your energy to do more important tasks, it’s a wonderful thing that neurons have wired together to habituate that action. If it’s turning to sugar or unhealthy foods every time you’re bored or stressed, that is not a beneficially wired neuron connection.

That which is unconscious runs under your radar. You don’t tend to pay attention to them or whether or not they still serve you. As your goals and life change over time, some habits may need to change – especially as they affect your health and wellbeing.

That which becomes unconscious fools you into thinking that is just how things are; that is just how you are.

Memes, or collective beliefs, are another example of neurons wired together from a collective perspective. Memes can be more difficult to rewire, but not impossible.

3.  How can you rewire neuron connections to serve your needs better?

The first step to rewire your neurons and essentially change the habits you want to change is to notice them. Since they may be unconscious, you may wish to ask those close to you to notice and let you know in a kind and loving way those habits that may not serve you well. Keep in mind they may have their own unconscious reasons for pointing them out to you, so you will have to decide if that is something you wish to change about yourself.

After you notice them and decide you want to make changes, decide what change you want to make and build a plan. Changing habits takes a minimum of a consistent 21 to 90 days depending on the person and how long that habit has been ingrained in your unconscious mind and lifestyle.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

For example, let’s say you want to loose some weight and improve your health.  You would first have to make an absolute decision that you want to make this change.  You would have to examine all the habits that have contributed to that which you now want to transform and then build a plan of action.

Thoughts precede feelings and then actions or no actions follow.  That whole sequence leading up to action or no action took millions of neurons wired together to create the body you have now.  You will need to fire up new neuron connections with new thoughts, new feelings about your goal and actions that support it.  Once you’ve stuck with the new plan for a consistent  21 days minimum, new neurons will have wired together making your thoughts, feelings and appropriate actions unconscious.  Reaching for unhealthy food choices will be more difficult once new neuron wiring is in place.  You will feel angst or even anxiety every time you try to deviate from your newly wired neuron connections because they have become unconscious.

Having others around you that support the changes you wish to make helps enormously.  This is also where a coach is very beneficial.

This process is true and works for everything.  No exceptions.  Since there is no limit to the possible neuron connections that can be created, anything is possible.  God puts the dreams in your heart.  You are the one who has to believe in your dreams and yourself and take the actions to create what you want.  The most difficult thing for a human is change because of our limbic system – fight or flight wiring from our cave man ancestors.  It’s there to keep you safe – not stop you.

If you find you could use a little help in your quest for change or find yourself in the midst of a life transition, take advantage of a limited time offer for one free coaching session.

Are your habits serving you well?

To your success!

Cheryl Healey

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YOUR Success Process

Do you have a success process?  If you have one, can you write it down?  Does it work every time?

I created a class a few years ago to help participants discover their own unique success process.  Feedback told me that most people didn’t realize that what they do and how they do it equals successful results.

Read more…

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Are You Confident?

Confidence is a state of mind.

It is said that self-confidence is a skill. It is a skill that takes practice. Until you have enough examples in your memory banks of resourcefulness and success on a given topic, you tend not to feel confident. Your unconscious mind wants to keep you in your comfort zone where it feels safe but often confused on how to succeed.

However, God puts the dreams and visions in your heart. If you weren’t born with the potential to accomplish your dreams, why would God/consciousness put them there in the first place? God has a plan and you are part of that plan. You are the only one who can stop you and you are the only one who can move forward.

In other words, you only have confidence if the task is not new to you. Practice is the only thing that will build confidence and greater skills.

Life is a class here in Earth School. Like it or not you will always be taking one or more classes for personal growth. Either you get on board with your growth or life will give you an unexpected push. It’s much more empowering to be decisive and prepared in advance.

So let’s say you make a decision to grow in a certain area of your life. That’s where a like-minded individual or a coach can be of great benefit to keep you on track.

Once you become one with the outcome you desire, there is a mindset shift inside you.

  • You view hurdles along your path as temporary.
  • You know they are growth opportunities for you to learn and become more confident.
  • You do healing work as needed or seek help from a professional.
  • You notice the serendipity in your life.
  • Since challenges show up for your benefit and by a higher power,  you will learn to view them as a gift and look for the higher wisdom.
  • You learn to be grateful for what happens – especially in hind-sight. 🙂
  • You view things that happen the way YOU choose to view them.
  • You learn to roll with, move around or above situations others would deem as show-stoppers.
  • You stay in action focused on your vision.
  • There will be times when you need to re-charge. Especially if your vision is big and goes against the status-quo. Stay focused and ask for help as needed. Remember, God/consciousness is on your side and you are the decider in your life.
  • And….you will learn to let go of trying to control every step of the process on your path and give God/consciousness/Higher Power room to create miracles.

 “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.” – Henry Ford

8 Tips for Staying Focused and Confident:

  1. Have a morning meditation practice to instill peace and get centered.
  2. Exercise regularly to release stress and stay fit and strong.
  3. Self-talk must be positive and encouraging.
  4. Make friends with like-minded people.
  5. Remember to breathe before you react. The breath is your connection to your Soul.
  6. Stay in focused action moving toward your goals and vision.
  7. Take care of all areas of your life in appropriate timing.
  8. Get help if you need it. Reference limited time coaching offer.


Creative Process

Confidence is a state of mind and practice keeps you in that location.

To your success!

Enjoy infinite blessings,

Cheryl Healey

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The Power of Decision and Intuition

Do you procrastinate?

Do you spend countless time mulling things over in your head trying to make sense of what you did/didn’t or should/shouldn’t do?

Do you wait to make a decision until your “guidance” assures you the road is paved with rose petals?

Action is empowering, and YOU are the decider in your life. So sometimes you just need to make a decision and move forward. Waiting for permission from anyone but yourself keeps you stuck and waiting.

What do people do when they wait? They surf the internet; they watch television; they eat too much; they sleep too much. You get the picture. They engage in activities that keep them stuck and stall the creation of their results.

Do you do that? If yes, that just means you’re human. The question to ponder is how often do you do that and do you have what you really want yet?

God or Infinite Intelligence puts the dreams in your heart. Your job is to keep moving toward your dreams so you can have the life you truly want to live. Why else would you be here? Surely not to watch the lives others lead and not partake yourself. Oh wait…you can do that too with reality shows now. Is that getting you the life you want to live?

Download this quick life assessment exercise to see how satisfied you currently are with your life and results.

Need a little help moving forward? Learn more about a limited-time free coaching offer now.

To your success!

Cheryl Healey

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Move Your Dreams Out of Your Head and Into Your Life

Do you spend more time in your head thinking about past or future events than putting great energy and ideas into motion in the present?  It’s more common than you may think.

When you keep your energy in your head, it creates stress in your mind and body which has no choice but to become part of your life.  If you have a great idea, act on it.  The Universe will send you inspired ideas and opportunities to make it happen – if you pay attention and don’t negate the guidance when it comes to you.  The only thing that can stop you from achieving what you want to achieve is you and negative beliefs about your ability to accomplish it.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Get out of your own way and let Spirit/God flow through you and help you.  Be grateful because that will bring more good into your life than you can imagine.

So put down the junk food, turn off the TV, get off the couch or the recliner and follow your dreams!  If you think money is an obstacle, think again.  Where there is a will, God will help you find a way.  Be inspired, creative and resourceful and keep moving forward.  I love when my life turns out better than my dreams, and you will too as long as you move them out of your head and into your life.

Take note that your intuition will typically give you only one step at a time.  Once you take that step, your awareness grows and you will be open to the next step and new ideas and opportunities.  Make magic with gratitude, and don’t quit your day job until the time is right for you.  Enjoy the process because this is your life!

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3 Steps to Success!

“I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.”  – Jonathan Winters

What does success look, feel, sound like or mean to you?  What is the benchmark you use to determine your success?

When we set an intention, it’s for the end result we want to achieve.  It’s that big audacious goal out in the future someplace.  Success, however, happens all along our path to the end result.

For example, I set a goal last year to have a sexy, lean, fit body.  That meant I had some weight to lose.  My benchmarks were fit, lovely women in magazines.  With a lifestyle change of eating less and exercising more, it was doable.  All those photos are airbrushed anyway.

As a life-long emotional eater, I shoveled down food to numb my stress.  That created an unhealthy habit that needed to change if I was to meet my goal.  I’m happy to say that I lost over ninety pounds and got down to a size 6.  Was I happy?  You bet I was happy!

As the pounds came off, the stuffed down emotional baggage came up.  Moving through those emotions required courage to continue rather than inhale a box of my favorite ice cream bars or cookies.  I’m thrilled to say that my reason for losing the weight became more important to me than an immediate tasty pacifier.

Did I feel like a success?  Apparently not, since I ended up gaining ten pounds after keeping the weight off for almost a year. This is unfortunately quite common.  Not just with a weight goal, but with any goal in life.  I gained ten pounds because my body image did not line up with my benchmark.  In the back of my mind I saw the picture of who I used to be rather than who I was becoming.

Well, in this world of yo-yo dieting which is so bad for our bodies, I’m here to tell you the secrets to success – for any goal!

  1. Set your intention.  You must decide that not only is your goal attainable and you deserve it, but you must decide that you want it more than whatever has kept you from it in the past.  If you are unable to do this, you will not be able to own your success.  You have two options here:  A.) pare back your goal into bite-size chunks that are believable for you or B.) get determined enough to make the changes in yourself and your life to achieve your goal.  Remember to make your intention very specific and measurable so you’ll know when you’ve achieved success.
  2. You must trust that the moment you decide your intention is what you want, it is actually placed on your path in the future.  Challenges that happen between now and the fruition of your intention are just things that, once you move through them, will transform you into the person you need to be to own your success.  Keep your focus on the end result.  Move through challenges with trust.  Be wise enough to seek support if you need a helping hand through the process.
  3. Take consistent inspired action to achieve your intention.  When you’re in action, your mind doesn’t have time to analyze, doubt, worry, fear or help you procrastinate – all of which fall under the umbrella of perfectionism or self-esteem.  Action calms doubt and fear.  Inspired action means checking in with your higher self in meditation or whatever calming practice works for you to find the best actions that will move you toward your intention.  It’s a great idea to ask the following question before you take action:  “Will this take me in the direction of my dreams, intentions and vision?”  Then just listen, or get a feeling in your gut if it’s the right thing to do or not.  Check in with your intuition and follow it!  It’s easy to fall prey and chase time-wasters because “they” say a particular action is the best thing to do.  Your inner guidance knows better than anyone what will get you to your intention in the best way possible for you.

In what area of your life would success make the most positive impact?  That’s where I recommend you start.

I invite you to celebrate your mini-successes along the path to your intentions.  The celebration will boost your confidence and fuel your desire for more.

Enjoy and celebrate the journey as well as your ultimate success!

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” –  Walt Disney

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.” – Walt Disney

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Believe in Yourself!

Have you ever set a goal that seemed over the top for you?  Did you ever wonder if it was possible? That’s what I did in more than one area of my life on quite a few occasions in the past.  Then I began the inward jousting battle toward accomplishment.  Can I accomplish it in the timeframe I want?  Will “they” be receptive?  Is this the right action to take or will it steer me off course?  You may know the drill: analysis paralysis that leads to procrastination.  I have since learned there is a better way, and I want to share it with you.

Did you ever hear the story of the Mom whose son was accidentally trapped under a car?  Without even thinking she lifted the car so neighbors could insert a jack and free her son?  When we decide to do something, we can accomplish anything!

In the case of the Mom, her emotions were so strong and her action so immediate that there was no room for doubt to creep in and she got what she wanted instantly.  In the case of other intentions that may take longer, old programming can create “appearances” of it not working or taking what our ego thinks is too long.  So the ego whose job it is to keep us in our comfort zone falls prey to societal or conditioned thoughts.

What we need to remember is that things that appear as obstacles may surface to challenge our belief in ourselves and our abilities and thereby prepare us to handle that which we desire when it does arrive.  If possible, look at obstacles as a gift that once powered through, will bring you closer to your goal.  During such times it is essential to have a firm belief in yourself and your abilities to bring about that which you want.  Doubt may only delay its arrival or create more obstacles to overcome.

How do you develop the muscle to believe in yourself and your abilities, stand fear in the face and KNOW you can accomplish that which you want?  Here are some tips:

1.  Know that anything is possible.  No matter what people, society, or the news may say.  Never let any outside influence tell you what you can or cannot accomplish.
2.  Realize that we always get what we want whether it’s our goals or our worries.  Just as you may pray for what you want, worry is also a prayer.  Everything is comprised of energy with a vibration or frequency and our strongest feeling is our attractor base drawing our results to us.  What you think, feel, say and do matter.

3. Look yourself in the eyes in a mirror every morning and night and say: “I BELIEVE in myself, my talents and my abilities!”

4.  Remember to breathe deeply and often.  Many people in our culture hold their breath.  Engage in deep breathing regularly until it becomes a habit.  Our breath is our connection to our Soul.  Who’s running your show if you’re not breathing well?
5.  Have a regular relaxation practice such as meditation, yoga, being in nature – whatever works for you.  Do something every day even if only for ten minutes.  This is essential.
6.  Be grateful.  You have probably already heard how important it is to be grateful.  Studies have shown that the feeling of gratitude has the highest frequency next to Love.  Make a list in your head or on paper of what you’re grateful for every day or multiple times per day.  Think about it in the shower, share it when you’re eating a meal with someone you love and ask them to reciprocate with their own gratitude list.  Do it at the dinner table with your whole family.
7.  Keep a success journal.  Nothing is too small to record.  Go back over your entire life and write down every little thing you can think of that supports you believing in yourself and your abilities.  Never stop adding to the list and read it as often as you need or want the feeling it gives you.
8.  Remember that ACTION IS EMPOWERING!  Keep moving through analysis paralysis and procrastination.  Take quick inspired action on your goals.
9.  Work with a Coach or Mentor to keep you on track and move you through the rough spots.
10.  Have some fun and laugh a lot!  All work and no play…
11. Share this list with friends, family and everyone you care about.

My wish for you is that you move more gracefully, joyfully and quickly to your desired outcome than you ever have in the past.   I believe in you and your abilities!