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Feeling Safe

Have you ever been told to “Pray to God to keep you and your loved ones safe, but remember to lock your doors”?  Locking one’s doors is a wise thing to do in today’s world.  It is quite different from choosing war, however.

For many years now our leaders have been waging a war against terror and dragging us along for the ride whether you, I or the majority agree with it or not.  Being a very spiritual person, I prefer peace rather than war of any kind.  That to which we give our focus and attention expands.  How is the war on drugs doing so far; or the war against cancer?

War will always exist so that we can also know peace.  Einstein’s discovery of the Law of Relativity helps us understand that peace is so much more precious relative to war.  Just ask any wounded vet or loved ones of those lost in times of war; or innocent women and children in foreign countries whose lives are shaken or damaged by occupying troops.

“War never brings peace” is something I’ve heard a couple times in the past week.  Where there is a will for a peaceful solution, there is a way.

The point of this post is to help you explore what makes you feel safe and peaceful inside.  Especially in these turbulent and challenging times when it may seem as if you have no control.

Abraham Maslow created a Hierarchy of Needs which applies to every human being.  When the majority of citizens reside at the bottom of the needs chart vying for survival, they may not be aware of nor do they really care about much else.  Meaning, they would most likely not take action to effect change for something other than their immediate survival.  Individuals must be inspired from the inside or motivated from the outside.  Inspiration trumps motivation every time since motivation often just applies to a short-term goal.  Inspiration combined with motivation can create miracles.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

Maslow Heirarchy of Needs

If you’ve ever read the Cherokee Legend of Two Wolves, you are familiar with a story of human choices.  I liken these emotional options to unconscious survival programs which get triggered as reactions to what is going on around you.  If something happens that makes you feel unsafe or wounded in some way, one of those emotions kicks in and runs you and your choices unless you become the Observer of your life and consciously direct your thoughts and your focus.

If you get stuck in one of those emotions it could run for years or lifetimes unless you heal it.  You can’t just take a drug or some chocolate and expect that it won’t show up again.  You (and everyone) must heal, forgive, or whatever is needed to change negative patterns.  If you don’t heal the issue, it will unconsciously run you, your choices and potentially your life.  This is true for you, me, our elected officials and everyone in every country.

I’ve been challenging my personal beliefs about money this week to get to the bottom of lack of flow.  I always thought that I equated money with freedom.  When I dug a little deeper I found that I also (or perhaps just recently) equated money with safety.  Once I did an energy modality and belief transformation work to heal that negative association, I received a very freeing internal FEELING of safety.

Being very experienced with the art of personal transformation, I know that a very well-worn neuropathway in me and collective belief outside of me exist that money brings safety.  So I will need to be diligent to strengthen the feeling of safety I received on the inside rather than rely on anything outside of me to reinforce it.  Research shows that it takes about 29 days to change a habit.

Feeling safe is a basic human challenge from the moment we are born.  Remembering who we are and that we are One with the Creator who sent us is a fundamental piece toward achieving an internal feeling of safety.  This feeling of safety is what helps us ‘let go and let God’ during challenging times in our lives.  You may still need to take action after the letting go process.  Follow your own intuition.

Is there anything you choose to do or change to help you FEEL safe in stressful times?

There is always a peaceful solution to conflict of any kind.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Are you willing?

God bless us all.

Enjoy infinite blessings and peace.

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In God We Trust?

In a meditation this week during all the strife in the Middle East, an awareness came to me.  Could all the religious and spiritual strife come down to the fundamental fear of separation from God who is the Source of life and all that exists?

If every individual remembered that God is inside each and every one of us as well as in animals and all of nature, we would all remember that not only are we not separate from God, but that we are all One with God.  No one and no thing – no religious teaching, person, government or video – nothing can sever this fundamental truth.

As long as an individual or group feels they are not connected directly to God simply because they exist rather than only through a middle person or object, people will fight for the right to stay connected to that which represents the God connection to them.  In the final analysis, it is all just a viewpoint.

It seems ironic and tragic to me that wars are waged in the name of God.  This has been true since time began by most religious sects.  The Romans went after the Christians; in the name of Christ many waged wars and campaigns to convert indigenous people and others; the Middle East and all its many faiths have been at it since Biblical times.

This kind of thinking creates hell on Earth.  Jesus said, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

The kingdom, my friends, is inside each and every one of us – not only in the hereafter.  God is in each and every one of us right now and always will be regardless of what religion, faith or lack of faith one is guided to or born into.  One faith is not better than another.  They are just different.  All roads lead to God.

The civil rights movement grew out of separation, segregation and oppression as did the end to apartheid; Gandhi’s movement to free India; women’s right to vote; and so on.  People had finally had enough of others’ perceptions that we are not all connected to that which created us all.  Mass consciousness finally became healed enough to embrace these changes.

As Rodney King said even after his brutal beating by police officers, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Whether the motivation to suppress, manipulate, ridicule or exploit an individual or group comes from fear, greed or the desire to control the masses or bottom lines, I believe the underlying cause is the fear of separation from God – the source of all.

Take some time each day to communicate with the essence of God inside of you.  Breathe, listen and feel what comes up for you.  If it feels loving, it comes from God.  If it doesn’t feel loving, it comes from fear.  Breathe through the negativity and release it to God to whom you are always connected in Love.  Seek outside support if you feel you need it.

We are all One because God is in each and every one of us, animals, all of nature, the planet and the entire Universe.  Whether you believe in the big bang, the Word or something else, it’s all God.

An MIT professor told me years ago that many in the scientific community are turning to God as they learn more.  Many things happen in modern science that defies traditional scientific beliefs.  Some of them now call it magic.  In Jesus’ day such things were called miracles.  Whatever term you use, it’s still all God.

Be well.  Be joyful.  Be grateful.  Stay centered in belief knowing you are always connected to God – the source of all that is magically miraculous.  Do this for yourself and share it with those around you.  Smile at those you encounter because the feeling is the prayer and smiles are contagious.  Let’s all create a ripple effect of love and peace knowing we are all safely connected to God.

Enjoy infinite blessings.