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Your True Power

When do you feel powerful?  This is a serious question that I would like you to ponder.  When and under what circumstances do you feel powerful?  What does owning your true power mean to you?  When you have time, please take this on as an exercise if it calls to you.

In today’s world it is easy to give away our power to please people, get our own way or fall into the fear trap set by the media, etc.  Once you know what it feels like to truly be in your own authentic power, it becomes easier to maintain it in the face of external appearances.  It is essential to remember that nothing is as it appears, and everyone has a different opinion and agenda.  Two people viewing a movie will walk away with two different stories of the experience.  If you are in a room with 20 people, there will be 20 different opinions of you.

This is about living a fulfilling life.  When you set an intention that ignites your Spirit with a really good feeling, that means you are in alignment with your Soul’s desire.  This combination (intention and feeling) creates it as a real potential in your future.  To make your intention a reality, your job is to always REMEMBER it is already created and waiting to materialize as you move forward on the path toward it.

Know that life will challenge you and hand you a few lemons on the path to your intention.  Some people may not agree with you or your intention.  Your job is to make lemonade out of the lemons that may appear on your path.  Never doubt that your intention is real.  Follow your internal guidance and be sure to do your spiritual growth work.  If you consistently ask, your intuition will let you know how to best maneuver around or through the challenges.  Your job is to follow your guidance even if others disagree with it.  If it doesn’t feel right to you, then it isn’t right for you.  If it feels right to you, then it is.  If you are not yet in touch with your feelings, then learning to feel your true feelings might be where you need to begin on the path to your intention.

As you follow your guidance, make lemonade out of the lemons in life and stay connected to your intention, you will learn and grow.  This is a spiritual path.  Since you have free will, owning or giving your power away is a choice only you can make moment to moment.  Love yourself enough to choose Love and follow your internal guidance.  Your higher self knows what is best for you.  Regardless of whether or not you follow your guidance, you are responsible for your choices.  However, there is no room for judgment when you own your power.

We live in a time when the victim mentality is promoted to compliment the fear and terror propaganda with which we are constantly bombarded.  One cannot choose (consciously or unconsciously) to think or act like a victim and own their power at the same time.  Which do you choose?

Finding the gift(s) in every situation no matter how deeply you must dig will help you move into a more powerful feeling place.  There is always a bigger picture and plan than we may realize in the moment.  When you learn to ignore negativity and distractions, let go of judgment of self and others and still feel connected in joy to your intentions, you are on the road to mastery.

Love is real – contrary to what you may see on the news.  We are all made of the essence of Love.  Love is the ultimate power, and God is Love.

“Fear tells you, I want to make you safe.  Love says, You are safe.” – Author Unknown

Own your power and make it fun!