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What wave length are you tuned in to?

In this realm of duality, we are taught that everything outside of us is not us and not within our power to change.  This is true, and it’s also not true.  This is Earth school.  Our Souls came here to grow and expand in awareness and Love – not just for ourselves but also for the collective good of all including the Earth.  Your perception rules your points of view and your points of view rule your perception.  Change the belief (point of view) and you see (perceive) things differently which opens your eyes to new possibilities.

After creation, God declared everything good.  Nature/God desires balance in all creation – body, mind and spirit.  So that which happens in your life that doesn’t feel good may be happening FOR you to show you where you are not yet beyond a limitation and are out of balance with the good God wishes for you.  The experience may be trying to show you a limiting belief or point of view that you are projecting onto yourself, someone else, your life and/or world view.

What if you remembered the true power is God and that God flows through you and each and every person, animal and living thing in this Universe?  What if you started to focus on what you want for your life rather than what you don’t want?

Let me give you an example.  Money is a big issue for almost everyone.  You may have limiting beliefs that money doesn’t grow on trees; you don’t have enough; you don’t have the right skills for the high paying jobs right now; there’s too much competition; the economy is the problem; “they” control all the money; you’re not part of the 1%; whatever.  What will happen is that you will attract opportunities into your life that seem (because of your perception) to reflect exactly those beliefs.  If you choose to, you can stay stuck in them and dig yourself into a deeper hole of negativity.

Or, you can change your beliefs and actions by asking yourself a few questions such as:

  • How can I move beyond these limitations with ease, grace, joy and success?
  • What has to change in me so I can create the financial freedom and life I want?
  • Is there a forgiveness issue blocking my financial freedom and joy?  Forgiveness is FOR you, not them.
  • What will it take for me to be on the same wave length as a large income, wealth, abundance and financial freedom?

Then meditate, go for a walk, do something that makes you feel happy and light.  Listen and watch for signs and guidance and take inspired action.  Most of all, stay connected to the feeling you felt when your inspiration and guidance came to you.  Stay connected to your passion about receiving and having what you want.  Feel the feeling right now of having what you want even though it hasn’t arrived yet and keep taking inspired action steps.

Let the old limiting beliefs go.  They never served you anyway.  They may have given you something in common to talk about with your friends or family, but now you can introduce a new way of thinking to them.  A way that works FOR all of you.  How cool is that?

I love when my life turns out better than my dreams!  Don’t you?