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Intentions and the Domino Effect

Everything happens because you set intentions. After that, it is up to you to follow your guidance and take inspired action – consistently. If you have doubts, fears or other issues that stand in the way of you moving forward, Spirit will work with you so you become the energy of receiving that which you desire. This also applies to your purpose.

If you are thinking the way to get around this is to not set goals or intentions – think again. God is inside you. When you’re happy, God is happy. Your Soul a/k/a you, came here to grow and be more God-like. Since you have free will, you can change your mind and choose differently at any time. However, as long as your intention(s) and purpose remain the same and you keep moving forward, your course is on target.

By the way, even if you change your current intention, another one will take its place, and the whole process starts anew. Along your path you will be called to move beyond your comfort zone and change some habits that no longer serve you. Such is life.

God puts the dreams in your heart. This is what ignites your every cell to say YES! I want that in my life. Or, YES! I want that for the world. However, if it also feels like a stretch, that’s a good thing. Your intuition is your GPS from God and your Soul.

Let’s use the Wright Brothers as an example. They had a dream in their hearts to create a flying machine. Where did that come from? God, of course. It didn’t matter that it was a stretch or that they failed many times. That was the domino effect removing obstacles to the fruition of their dream. They continued to follow their internal GPS, and voila! We now have the airplane. Thank you Wright Brothers for weathering your storms and sticking with your dreams and purpose.

Spirit gives clues and knocks softly to help guide you. This is where your intuition comes in. Spirit communicates with you in ways that only you will understand. You are free to interpret these signs with shadow or light. In your heart, however, you always know the path you are being guided to take. Your task is to muster the courage to take it and keep moving forward.

Here’s an example from my life. I used to be a consultant for a financial-services software corporation. My intuition was hounding me to leave that job and create a business of my own. Having always been in the corporate sector, this was a huge stretch for me. My fear and shadow spoke louder than Spirit’s voice so I ignored that call for two years. Eventually my resistance created a health scare that was loud and very clear. So I finally listened and moved onto the path of my Soul’s purpose for being here.

If you resist your softer guidance, Spirit will begin to knock louder as time goes on. The process from then on is the same. Listen and move forward with faith, courage and gratitude or the knocks may get stronger. However, that doesn’t mean the path will always be paved with rose petals. Life happens no matter what path you choose.

There is no match for having a passion and enthusiasm for life and living that is fueled by a higher source. Fuel to the heart is what I call it. When we let God/Spirit/our Soul IN, the feeling is total ignition, full steam-ahead. How does it get better than that? It’s called living your bliss from the inside out.

Embrace your calling. Only you can know what that means.

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Enjoy infinite blessings,


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Angel Meets The Projector – Second Edition

A new Angel Meets The Projector is now in paperback and on Kindle!

In this second edition of Angel Meets The Projector, you will meet a little girl called Angel. As everyone does, Angel sometimes misunderstands people and situations which can make her feel badly about herself. One day, a super-hero by the name of The Projector visits Angel to teach her about the power of projection. He helps her through a situation with her Mom with understanding, love and courage.

With a mix of Jungian psychology for kids and adults with thought provoking exercises at the end, the author weaves a heart-felt story with a great message. When you recognize, heal and stop projecting childhood memories, you discover the lovable and powerful gift you truly are and gain the confidence needed to share your gifts with the world around you. This book helps children ages 8 and up learn to love themselves no matter what goes on around them.

Praise for Angel Meets The Projector:

“I loved Angel Meets the Projector. As a mom of two young boys, I am always searching for meaningful books that will hold my kids’ attention and give them valuable tools that will help them work through the issues and challenges that life undoubtedly brings. Both children and adults will benefit from the lesson in this book, which reminds us that we often project our negative or positive feelings onto others.  The best part is that the story is told in a fun way that kids will enjoy (I know mine did). The extra lessons and teachings sections at the end are a great bonus. I highly recommend Angel Meets the Projector to parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and any others who work closely with children.”

– Ellen Valladares

Author of Jonathan’s Journey to Mount Miapu, Winner of the Mom’s Choice Award

Angel Meets The Projector:

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Enjoy infinite Blessings!

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