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Dance with the New – A Dream Interpretation

Do you pay attention to your dreams?

I had a dream the other night just before waking. In the dream, I was watching a young man dance with the energy around him. Pretty soon a young woman appeared in front of him and was dancing with him in the same energy. Then someone on his right, and then many others on his left.

Dream interpretation is a very personal thing. Dreams are a metaphor for aspects of ourselves. They show us what’s going on in our lives combined with what our intuition is trying to tell us.

Many years ago I had requested of my consciousness that dreams I needed to remember be shared right before I awaken. So I always take note of dreams I have just before I wake up.

How I interpret this particular dream may be different than your interpretation of my dream. However, if you receive a gift here on either dream interpretation or something more specific to benefit your life, this story was worth sharing.

Now back to my dream. Since I was watching all of this and not participating in the dance, I was the observer. Could I be observing too much in my life and not participating enough?

The young man represented my male energy; the go-getter, results-oriented, type-A aspect of myself. However, he was going with the flow while still being intuitive enough to notice the subtle signs of the dance. Something I don’t always tend to do under stress or a self-imposed deadline.

The young woman that appeared represented my feminine energy; the receiver of life and birth of the new joining to bring it into form as a dance in life – or achieve results gracefully and joyfully from the heart.

As other people began to appear in the dance, I felt connected to something larger than just the dance I was doing.

Being a very sensitive and intuitive person with a background in the corporate sector, integration of both of these aspects within myself has not always been easy. I sometimes go to one extreme or the other. Hopefully this dream was telling me that I have integrated these aspects energetically and now I just need to go with the flow and follow the signs to bring it into form gracefully.

There could perhaps be an additional message in the dream to manage stress more effectively.

How are you enjoying your dance? Need a little assistance? Feel free to comment, share or contact me.

If you haven’t read the article on Focus Mastery yet, please check it out.

Enjoy infinite blessings,


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Reframe Your World View – FOR You

The collective disasters in the world are created by our collective consciousness.  When we choose inner peace and bring our bodies, minds and spirits into a state of calm, we project that onto our outer world.  It starts with you, and me, and everyone including children.  Reframe how you view the world and your world view starts to change and so do your experiences.  Feel peace.  Feel calm.  Feel love.  Feel joy.  Feel gratitude!  Most of all forgive yourself and others.  Forgiveness is usually always in the mix.  Forgiveness is FOR you, not the other person.  You are the one holding that negative energy which blocks positive energy from coming to you.

Since emotions are stored in the body, some form of exercise is essential every day to move the emotions and stress through and out of your body.  This is also true for children.  Make it fun and start to imagine and begin to live the life of your dreams.  I love it when my life turns out better than my dreams!  Don’t you?

Remember to move forward and take inspired action.  It’s a key piece of the puzzle.  Enjoy infinite blessings and success!