Cheryl Healey

Helping you and children be the gift you came here to be – naturally




The purpose of The Gift of You® is to help you reignite your spirit and own your power in mind, body and spirit – whatever that means to you.

Do you currently have:

*  Courage to be you and trust your intuition

*  Confidence to go for what YOU want in your life

*  Focus on what matters and keeps you moving forward

*  Faith that you are connected to a powerful benevolence

Athletes have a coach because they want to improve their game and win.  The most important game to win is the game of life.

Cheryl Healey is a Motivational Speaker, Author of three books, as well as the creator of training seminars and coaching programs.  As the Founder of The Gift of You, Cheryl believes you are the gift you bring to this world.  Cheryl’s purpose is to help you and children be the gifts you each choose to be – naturally!

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Enjoy infinite blessings.