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Kiss Worry and Doubt Good-bye!

Do you know that you are supposed to have everything you desire or better?  Do you know that when you are happy God is happy?  Do you know that there is a formula you can use to create your glorious future and amazing life?  Do you know the formula?

Think back on how you achieved the last great thing in your life you decided you wanted.  I mean really decided?  What steps did you follow?  I bet you used the formula I’m about to give you right now!

  1. Get very clear about what you want for your life.  Is it in line with your purpose?  Does it light your fire?  Is it something you will keep moving toward even if times get tough?
  2. DECIDE it is exactly what you want AND you intend to have it!
  3. FEEL the feeling of having it as you decide it is yours.  Maintain this combination of knowing (decision) plus the feeling of having it until it is a reality.
  4. Pay attention to opportunities and take quick inspired action toward your decision.

Yes, it really is that simple.  It’s not always that easy though.  Here are some tips to help you feel and stay empowered and moving gracefully through any worries or doubts that may pop up along the way.

  • Have you ever heard the following quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson?  “Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.”  It’s absolutely true.  Once you DECIDE you want something, you have actually created it as a spiritual prototype in your future.  It IS an energetic potential on your path once you DECIDE.  That prototype in your future emanates a creative force that draws you, people and situations to it to fulfill its ultimate creation into your reality.  What this means isthat things are going to change – perhaps you and other people as well, before that creation comes into your life.  Know that change is inevitable and the only constant.  When you focus on the outcome you’ve decided upon rather than the changes going on around and in you, you will move more gracefully and much quicker toward having your desire as a reality in your life.
  • Your challenge and opportunity during this process is to trust that no matter what comes your way, it really is being handed to you in preparation for your future desire so that you and everything you need to be successful will be in place when it arrives.  Know that if life gives you a few lemons on the way to what you want, they are gifts (even if wrapped in unusual packages) which are here to help you grow and learn.  The lessons you learn and the skills you acquire will serve you later when your desire is made manifest.
  • My favorite quote (by an unknown author) is: “The feeling is the prayer.”  The way you feel creates a vibration.  Remember though that a feeling is always preceded by a thought.  Your feelings are an indicator of what you’re thinking.  Your feelings tell you whether or not your thoughts are in line with your desires.  If you don’t like your feelings, change the thoughts or situations that create them – whichever is appropriate and right for you and your life.
  • What about thoughts of fear, worry and doubt?  Thoughts are fleeting and more often than not run on auto-pilot in your belief system (mindset).  Your beliefs set the boundaries for what is possible in your life.  In addition, the limbic system in the brain still works as if we’re cave-people and heading out of the cave (our comfort zone) to face a wooly mammoth.  Depending upon your beliefs, your limbic system will view something as a threat that someone else may not.  This is where fear of the future, worry and doubt come from – your beliefs which kick your limbic system into gear.  It is wise to realize and always remember that projecting fear into your future does not serve you or your desired outcome.  It is wise to do your homework and be cautious, but it is something totally different to project current, past or imagined negative thoughts into your future that has yet to materialize.  Doing so will put your focus on what you don’t want versus what you do want.  This is a HUGE distinction and a key piece of the formula!
  • Lastly, the creative force of your desire will bring people, opportunities, and an endless list of possibilities into your life to provide avenues that lead to what you want.  You must have a centering practice (such as meditation or breathing) to keep you in touch with your Soul and strengthen your intuitionYour intuition is the link to your future desire.  Make friends with your intuition!

It is most beneficial in this process to work with a coach or mentor to gain clarity and stay on track to create your fabulous future.  Making lemonade out of life’s lemons is so much easier with guidance from one who already has the recipe.

Use this formula to kiss worry and doubt good-bye and create the life you desire!