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You Have No Competition!

It is really true, no matter what you’ve heard or felt about competition in the past.  Think of the world as a big jigsaw puzzle and every person is one piece of the puzzle.  In a puzzle, no two pieces are alike but all are essential to the whole.

More than one person may do what you do, but there is nobody who does it exactly the way you do.  There are people here who may need what you have to offer so they can grow to be the piece of the puzzle they are meant to be.

There is enough for everyone contrary to current appearances or news reports.  All of us go through challenges from time to time.  Life has ups and downs for everyone.  The good news though is that the down times do not last forever!  The irony is that we learn and grow so much during challenging times if we choose that road rather than a path of digging more deeply into woundedness.  As humans, we must sometimes take the time we need to heal, grieve and move through the whole process before we are able to seek the gift.  If you find yourself stuck, please ask for help!

I learned through a white light experience I had during hurricane Charley that everything is a gift.  It sure may not feel like it at the time, but the benefit is usually made known to us if we are willing to see it.  Sometimes the gift is just to make us stronger, more compassionate, or transform a pattern in our life that no longer serves us.  Only you will know the gift in any situation for you.  Others may guess or try to help you figure it out, but in the end it is your heart that knows for sure.

Keep in mind that your mission may not be something tangible.  Then again, it may be something big and wonderfully tangible.  Or you may have a bit of each.  We just need to remember that our purpose is as unique as we are and so are the gifts we bring.

Trust that everything will work out perfectly because that is exactly when it does!  And remember, nobody can do your mission but you!  So embrace who you are, what you love and share it with those who are waiting for you!  You have no competition!