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A Message for the 100%

This article is about the future of the children.  I am one of the 99%.  We have all contributed to the current situation in America as we all collectively allowed it to happen.  Many of us spent more money than we had, expecting “the good life” to last forever.  In addition, we, the American people, accepted the fact that corporations and lobbyists influence politicians and government agencies to create and pass laws and regulations that do not serve the majority.  We have also allowed our civil and constitutional rights to be compromised and violated by the elected officials and agencies we look to for “protection”.

It is human nature to dislike change.  As long as each of our own little apple carts move along in a bearable fashion, each of us has been able to rationalize the decline of personal choices and freedom.  We as a country have been manipulated by fear, misinformation and private and/or political agendas.  People, including some in positions of power, are only told what those “running the show” want all of us to believe – whatever the show of the moment may be.

We all know that much of what we see on TV and in advertisements is slanted to persuade or manipulate.  The American public accepts that also.  We even enjoy comedy news programs that poke fun at all of this because we know it’s true but have felt helpless to effect positive change.

It would appear by the Occupy Movement and the election results on 11/8/11 that the American majority have had enough.  It would also appear that those in power are pushing back in an attempt to dampen the spirit of the movement.  I urge everyone to look at the big picture rather than short-sighted demands or setbacks.  For example:  Angela Davis, whom I respect, said “…we want free health care…” among other things in her recent speech.  Is anything really free?  How many Americans (including politicians) have read the health care bill?  Have you taken the time to see what provisions are in it regarding children and the power that will be given to the schools and states regarding your children and your children’s children?

I will admit that I have not read the entire health care bill either.  I have heard, however, that big pharma and insurance companies are on board with it.  If that is true, it will probably benefit corporate profits more than those who are meant to be served by “free” health care.

Do not misunderstand me about corporations.  I previously worked in corporate America and enjoyed it and the salary for quite some time until I decided to leave.  Anyone who owns stock or mutual funds has their foot in the corporate profit waters.  Again, I urge everyone to see the big picture.  We are all Americans in this together regardless of the divisive percentage categories (99% and 1%).  As many in this country have experienced, one can be thrust by circumstances into a different percentage category at any time – in either direction.

My focus has been and continues to be the current and future children of this country.  If you have read any of my other articles, you know that I feel many children are being set up to fail.  The American diet coupled with the current public school model based on the No Child Left Behind Act has resulted in epidemic numbers of ADHD diagnoses.

It is my opinion that the Occupy Movement must include the wellbeing of the children also.  They are the future of this country.  The rights of the children and every American are at risk at this pivotal time in history.  I urge us all to read the health care bill before we blindly trust and back it.  Read it and decide for yourself.  Elected officials are here to serve the majority who put them in office and pay their salaries and benefits.  Even appointed Supreme Court Justices are here to uphold our constitutional rights.

Civil and constitutional rights for everyone including all children are the true issues being masked by many smoke screens.  Banking fees are small potatoes compared to what is really at stake now for every American.

Still on topic, I am very grateful and honor all of our veterans.  They and their families are called on to make more sacrifices; endure more trauma and hardship and take more risks than any non-veteran can ever imagine.  They are also forced to receive many toxic injections to ward off diseases that may occur in the countries to which they are sent.

Do you know how much money is spent on war every week by this country?  Did you know that military spending was the only item not on the chopping block for review during the budget balancing sessions in congress?  Why not bring our soldiers home and spend at least some of that money creating alternative sources of fuel?  That would create many new jobs.  Yes, it would take money away from the oil corporations and other companies that create war supplies.  They would have the option like anyone else to become forward-thinking for the good of the planet.  Who is benefitting by having American soldiers at war now?

The main thing I want you to take away from this article is that this country was founded by people similar to those in the Occupy Movement who saw the big picture of what was important.  They looked at all the issues and decided that constitutional rights and a say in their government was essential to create the country and future they wanted.  They didn’t have corporations back then – they had a ruling monarchy.

This is a very important time in history.  The children and future generations depend on smart and heart-felt choices from everyone – at all levels.  Think and act with heart.  Remember to thank God for all the grace and blessings you receive every day.  Even if it’s a tough day, find something about which to be grateful.  Make it a habit to go around the dinner table and have everyone say at least one thing for which they are grateful every day.  Envision positive and peaceful change because change is the only constant in life.  Follow your own heart and do what you believe is right.

Lastly, I would like to share something filmmaker Michael Moore said on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC recently prior to the recent crackdown of the Occupy Movement.  He urged the members of the Occupy Movement who were out there protesting to remain peaceful.  Mr. Moore also said that if there is anyone in the crowd trying to incite violence, they may be undercover homeland security staff.  Remain peaceful.

God bless America.  God bless the world.

We are all one.