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Are You Confident?

Confidence is a state of mind.

It is said that self-confidence is a skill. It is a skill that takes practice. Until you have enough examples in your memory banks of resourcefulness and success on a given topic, you tend not to feel confident. Your unconscious mind wants to keep you in your comfort zone where it feels safe but often confused on how to succeed.

However, God puts the dreams and visions in your heart. If you weren’t born with the potential to accomplish your dreams, why would God/consciousness put them there in the first place? God has a plan and you are part of that plan. You are the only one who can stop you and you are the only one who can move forward.

In other words, you only have confidence if the task is not new to you. Practice is the only thing that will build confidence and greater skills.

Life is a class here in Earth School. Like it or not you will always be taking one or more classes for personal growth. Either you get on board with your growth or life will give you an unexpected push. It’s much more empowering to be decisive and prepared in advance.

So let’s say you make a decision to grow in a certain area of your life. That’s where a like-minded individual or a coach can be of great benefit to keep you on track.

Once you become one with the outcome you desire, there is a mindset shift inside you.

  • You view hurdles along your path as temporary.
  • You know they are growth opportunities for you to learn and become more confident.
  • You do healing work as needed or seek help from a professional.
  • You notice the serendipity in your life.
  • Since challenges show up for your benefit and by a higher power,  you will learn to view them as a gift and look for the higher wisdom.
  • You learn to be grateful for what happens – especially in hind-sight. 🙂
  • You view things that happen the way YOU choose to view them.
  • You learn to roll with, move around or above situations others would deem as show-stoppers.
  • You stay in action focused on your vision.
  • There will be times when you need to re-charge. Especially if your vision is big and goes against the status-quo. Stay focused and ask for help as needed. Remember, God/consciousness is on your side and you are the decider in your life.
  • And….you will learn to let go of trying to control every step of the process on your path and give God/consciousness/Higher Power room to create miracles.

 “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.” – Henry Ford

8 Tips for Staying Focused and Confident:

  1. Have a morning meditation practice to instill peace and get centered.
  2. Exercise regularly to release stress and stay fit and strong.
  3. Self-talk must be positive and encouraging.
  4. Make friends with like-minded people.
  5. Remember to breathe before you react. The breath is your connection to your Soul.
  6. Stay in focused action moving toward your goals and vision.
  7. Take care of all areas of your life in appropriate timing.
  8. Get help if you need it. Reference limited time coaching offer.


Creative Process

Confidence is a state of mind and practice keeps you in that location.

To your success!

Enjoy infinite blessings,

Cheryl Healey

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Happiness is the Truth

In this world of unrest and change with so much personal suffering, my hope is that this song (if you haven’t heard it already) will give you a few moments of joy.

Thank you Pharrell Williams for a fabulous song and all you do to lift the human spirit.

God bless us all during this time of great transition.

Enjoy infinite blessings,


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Kick Your Stress to the Curb Peacefully

When you are stressed about something, you are most likely upset in some way.  You may be fearful of something happening or not happening.  It could be caused by anything.  Research tells us that 80% of illness is caused by stress.

So how do you calm your stress?  Is your method health enhancing or will it cause problems for you or your life?

I’ve struggled with a sugar addiction in some form all my life.  Addiction starts out as fun, an experiment or a way to redirect your focus to delay dealing with what is going on inside or outside of you.  Eating too much or unhealthy foods always felt like a hug to me since my family used food as love as many families do.

Rather than deal with the root cause of that which drives you to eat when you are not physically hungry or whatever your escape tactic may be such as television, it becomes a habit to shove the angst down or set it aside rather than sit with it and move through it.  I’ve heard it said many times that the quickest way beyond something is through it.

People fear pain.  People fear change because they think change can bring pain.  However, change can also just happen to shake up your comfort zone to get you to grow into the goal you or your Soul have set for yourself.  Pushing the boundaries of a comfort zone can cause any number of responses or reactions.  Responses tend to be healthier and reactions tend to be automatic triggers inside you that “attack” to stay “safe.”

“When people stop being afraid, they rediscover their compassion.” – From the film Amazing Grace.

The breath is our connection to our Soul.  Our Soul is our connection to God.  We are all part of the same whole created by the One Creator – regardless of what name is given to the Source of all that exists.

When you, anyone or a whole group of people are stuck in fear, the first impulse is to react and protect.  Protection as a reaction can take on many forms.  It can show up as addictions or profiling or projecting things onto someone or others that may not be true.

A safer choice is to stop the mind from racing for a minute, get quiet and just breathe.  Feel centered and connect with your God inspired self.  Inspiration can then enter the door of your open mind and heart where it could not enter a closed mind and heart filled with fear or anger.  That is where compassion finds its way into your heart and into the world.  Compassion opens the door to understanding and forgiveness.

If you haven’t read my article on How to Improve Your Focus yet, you will find it helpful.

Most times, everything boils down to a choice between fear and love.  It starts with you, me and every person in the world.  I believe animals matter here also.  Isn’t it time we all started finding compassion and choose love?  This world is a collective enterprise.  You first contribute to the world with your feeling vibration.

How do you feel right now?

Check in with your breath whenever you feel stressed.  Stop to breathe before you blurt out something you may regret.  Stop to breathe before you shove down a dozen cookies, a few cocktails or buy something you don’t need.  You may still end up making the same choice, but you’ll hopefully be consciously responding after breathing rather than automatically reacting to numb the temporary pain you feel in the current moment.

Everything is temporary.  This too shall pass.  Stopping to breathe and check in allows grace to enter.

Give it a try.  It really does work…when you are willing to change and push your comfort zone a little bit.  Check out my free 5 minute class entitled Steppin’ Out of Your Comfort Zone.  You’ll enjoy it.

If you need additional assistance, please seek the help of a professional.

Enjoy consciously breathing and kick your stress to the curb peacefully.

Please share this article for the benefit of all.

Enjoy infinite blessings!

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In God We Trust?

In a meditation this week during all the strife in the Middle East, an awareness came to me.  Could all the religious and spiritual strife come down to the fundamental fear of separation from God who is the Source of life and all that exists?

If every individual remembered that God is inside each and every one of us as well as in animals and all of nature, we would all remember that not only are we not separate from God, but that we are all One with God.  No one and no thing – no religious teaching, person, government or video – nothing can sever this fundamental truth.

As long as an individual or group feels they are not connected directly to God simply because they exist rather than only through a middle person or object, people will fight for the right to stay connected to that which represents the God connection to them.  In the final analysis, it is all just a viewpoint.

It seems ironic and tragic to me that wars are waged in the name of God.  This has been true since time began by most religious sects.  The Romans went after the Christians; in the name of Christ many waged wars and campaigns to convert indigenous people and others; the Middle East and all its many faiths have been at it since Biblical times.

This kind of thinking creates hell on Earth.  Jesus said, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

The kingdom, my friends, is inside each and every one of us – not only in the hereafter.  God is in each and every one of us right now and always will be regardless of what religion, faith or lack of faith one is guided to or born into.  One faith is not better than another.  They are just different.  All roads lead to God.

The civil rights movement grew out of separation, segregation and oppression as did the end to apartheid; Gandhi’s movement to free India; women’s right to vote; and so on.  People had finally had enough of others’ perceptions that we are not all connected to that which created us all.  Mass consciousness finally became healed enough to embrace these changes.

As Rodney King said even after his brutal beating by police officers, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Whether the motivation to suppress, manipulate, ridicule or exploit an individual or group comes from fear, greed or the desire to control the masses or bottom lines, I believe the underlying cause is the fear of separation from God – the source of all.

Take some time each day to communicate with the essence of God inside of you.  Breathe, listen and feel what comes up for you.  If it feels loving, it comes from God.  If it doesn’t feel loving, it comes from fear.  Breathe through the negativity and release it to God to whom you are always connected in Love.  Seek outside support if you feel you need it.

We are all One because God is in each and every one of us, animals, all of nature, the planet and the entire Universe.  Whether you believe in the big bang, the Word or something else, it’s all God.

An MIT professor told me years ago that many in the scientific community are turning to God as they learn more.  Many things happen in modern science that defies traditional scientific beliefs.  Some of them now call it magic.  In Jesus’ day such things were called miracles.  Whatever term you use, it’s still all God.

Be well.  Be joyful.  Be grateful.  Stay centered in belief knowing you are always connected to God – the source of all that is magically miraculous.  Do this for yourself and share it with those around you.  Smile at those you encounter because the feeling is the prayer and smiles are contagious.  Let’s all create a ripple effect of love and peace knowing we are all safely connected to God.

Enjoy infinite blessings.

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A Call To Action

While I post many things to raise awareness so everyone is free to make informed choices, my goal is to promote healing and empowerment in the individual.

Please take a moment today to close your eyes and imagine yourself, your loved ones and the world in a ball of Divine healing white light.  Feel Love inside of this light and take it into your heart and send it out to the world.  I will do the same – often.

Please share this practice with those who may be interested.

Thank you!

Cheryl Healey