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Move Your Dreams Out of Your Head and Into Your Life

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Do you spend more time in your head thinking about past or future events than putting great energy and ideas into motion in the present?  It’s more common than you may think.

When you keep your energy in your head, it creates stress in your mind and body which has no choice but to become part of your life.  If you have a great idea, act on it.  The Universe will send you inspired ideas and opportunities to make it happen – if you pay attention and don’t negate the guidance when it comes to you.  The only thing that can stop you from achieving what you want to achieve is you and negative beliefs about your ability to accomplish it.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Get out of your own way and let Spirit/God flow through you and help you.  Be grateful because that will bring more good into your life than you can imagine.

So put down the junk food, turn off the TV, get off the couch or the recliner and follow your dreams!  If you think money is an obstacle, think again.  Where there is a will, God will help you find a way.  Be inspired, creative and resourceful and keep moving forward.  I love when my life turns out better than my dreams, and you will too as long as you move them out of your head and into your life.

Take note that your intuition will typically give you only one step at a time.  Once you take that step, your awareness grows and you will be open to the next step and new ideas and opportunities.  Make magic with gratitude, and don’t quit your day job until the time is right for you.  Enjoy the process because this is your life!

Author: Cheryl Healey

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