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Living in the Fast Lane

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Do you feel like you’re living life in the fast lane?

You are not alone!  Life has sped up for everyone as the pace of energy and change has accelerated on the planet.

Imagine that you’re now metaphorically (or perhaps realistically) driving your life in a high end convertible sports car with the top down.  As you’re driving along in what “should” be a nice ride, life hands you a few challenges.  There might be speed bumps, red lights, traffic delays, or a bird may lay a gift on you or the interior of your car.

The absolute key to enjoying the ride is to move through the challenges as gracefully and quickly as possible.  If you get stuck on the delays or the interior of the fabulous car needing to stay just the way it is, you will miss the opportunities to learn, grow and become more resourceful.  Your Soul is here to grow.  You can fight the ride or enjoy it.  The choice is yours.  Just let it go – whatever “it” is.  Count your blessings instead.

Take a deep breathe and ask yourself; what is my next, best move?  Action is empowering!  Action stops the idle mind chatter that steals your vitality.

You can’t slow life down, so you may as well find a way to enjoy the ride!  Have fun letting the stuff go to make room for the new as it may just be a stepping stone to your dreams coming true.


Author: Cheryl Healey

Coach, Speaker, Author

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