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Come In Out Of The Rain

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As I look back on my life, for some strange reason it seems as though I ignored Divine Guidance at times.  Who would be silly enough to do that you might ask?  Almost sounds like a child pushing the boundaries of authority to stretch their limits, doesn’t it?

Well working toward my goal to loose the remainder of my weight and stay firm, fit and healthy, I planned to go for a walk one morning recently.  It looked cloudy in the distance, but I thought “I can make it before it rains.”  “Dark skies don’t always mean rain.”

So I went out to walk.  After only about five minutes or so it started to look really dark where I was headed.  I asked my Angels if I should turn around and head home.  I love to work with the Angels.  They always steer me in the right direction even if a part of me thinks it knows better sometimes.  I had the thought that I should turn back.

Well, what do you think I did?

A part of me thought, “I don’t see rain up ahead.  I can make get my walk in.”  So I kept going.

The human part of me that wanted or needed concrete 3rd dimension proof was waiting for a sign to confirm Divine Guidance.  Now doesn’t it seem unwise that I or anyone would accept human signs above Divine signs or intuition, especially someone such as myself who has great faith?

Guess what happened?

Not more than five minutes later, I saw rain way up ahead and felt a few sprinkles.  So I turned around and headed for home.  I didn’t make it home before it started raining cats and dogs though.  It was truly a torrential downpour.  The Earth was happy since here in the Tampa area we really need the rain.

All I could do was laugh.  If I had turned around at the exact moment I was guided to do so, I would have made it home before the rain started.

What’s the lesson here?  God knows a lot more than any human ever could.  Follow your intuition and come in from the rain before you get all wet!

Where in your life is God telling you to come in before it starts to rain?


Author: Cheryl Healey

Coach, Speaker, Author

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