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Believe in Yourself!

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Have you ever set a goal that seemed over the top for you?  Did you ever wonder if it was possible? That’s what I did in more than one area of my life on quite a few occasions in the past.  Then I began the inward jousting battle toward accomplishment.  Can I accomplish it in the timeframe I want?  Will “they” be receptive?  Is this the right action to take or will it steer me off course?  You may know the drill: analysis paralysis that leads to procrastination.  I have since learned there is a better way, and I want to share it with you.

Did you ever hear the story of the Mom whose son was accidentally trapped under a car?  Without even thinking she lifted the car so neighbors could insert a jack and free her son?  When we decide to do something, we can accomplish anything!

In the case of the Mom, her emotions were so strong and her action so immediate that there was no room for doubt to creep in and she got what she wanted instantly.  In the case of other intentions that may take longer, old programming can create “appearances” of it not working or taking what our ego thinks is too long.  So the ego whose job it is to keep us in our comfort zone falls prey to societal or conditioned thoughts.

What we need to remember is that things that appear as obstacles may surface to challenge our belief in ourselves and our abilities and thereby prepare us to handle that which we desire when it does arrive.  If possible, look at obstacles as a gift that once powered through, will bring you closer to your goal.  During such times it is essential to have a firm belief in yourself and your abilities to bring about that which you want.  Doubt may only delay its arrival or create more obstacles to overcome.

How do you develop the muscle to believe in yourself and your abilities, stand fear in the face and KNOW you can accomplish that which you want?  Here are some tips:

1.  Know that anything is possible.  No matter what people, society, or the news may say.  Never let any outside influence tell you what you can or cannot accomplish.
2.  Realize that we always get what we want whether it’s our goals or our worries.  Just as you may pray for what you want, worry is also a prayer.  Everything is comprised of energy with a vibration or frequency and our strongest feeling is our attractor base drawing our results to us.  What you think, feel, say and do matter.

3. Look yourself in the eyes in a mirror every morning and night and say: “I BELIEVE in myself, my talents and my abilities!”

4.  Remember to breathe deeply and often.  Many people in our culture hold their breath.  Engage in deep breathing regularly until it becomes a habit.  Our breath is our connection to our Soul.  Who’s running your show if you’re not breathing well?
5.  Have a regular relaxation practice such as meditation, yoga, being in nature – whatever works for you.  Do something every day even if only for ten minutes.  This is essential.
6.  Be grateful.  You have probably already heard how important it is to be grateful.  Studies have shown that the feeling of gratitude has the highest frequency next to Love.  Make a list in your head or on paper of what you’re grateful for every day or multiple times per day.  Think about it in the shower, share it when you’re eating a meal with someone you love and ask them to reciprocate with their own gratitude list.  Do it at the dinner table with your whole family.
7.  Keep a success journal.  Nothing is too small to record.  Go back over your entire life and write down every little thing you can think of that supports you believing in yourself and your abilities.  Never stop adding to the list and read it as often as you need or want the feeling it gives you.
8.  Remember that ACTION IS EMPOWERING!  Keep moving through analysis paralysis and procrastination.  Take quick inspired action on your goals.
9.  Work with a Coach or Mentor to keep you on track and move you through the rough spots.
10.  Have some fun and laugh a lot!  All work and no play…
11. Share this list with friends, family and everyone you care about.

My wish for you is that you move more gracefully, joyfully and quickly to your desired outcome than you ever have in the past.   I believe in you and your abilities!


Author: Cheryl Healey

Coach, Speaker, Author

One thought on “Believe in Yourself!

  1. Thank you for this empowering refresher… was just what I needed to read!

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